DCR 24


DCR 24

A compact CAD-CAM / 5-Axis milling center, manufactured in compliance with the highest standards in the dental market.

Our machine has been developed to meet the demands of the dental sector. DCR 24 is provided with ISO 9001 certification and is compatible with any CAM software available on the market. Thanks to Evolution Technology, it’s easy to use and program it, constantly reducing the amortization time.


  • 5 interpolating axis simultaneously working
    and numerically controlled.
  • Axis rotation:
    Axis A +30°-115°
    Axis B 360°
  • High- frequency spindle (power: 5 KW;
    rotation speed: 50000 RPM) equipped with
    a compressed air nozzle and bidirectional
    coolant nozzle.
  • 22 servo-controlled tool positions (control accuracy
    of the tool length)
  • All the axis 3+2 are centrally controlled by CNC with RTCP and machine kinematics


 machine set- up with the door closed
 machine in the working cycle and CNC macro positioning
 machine in any kind of alarm indicated by CNC

” DCR 24 is highly versatile and capable of meeting every demand from the dental industry “

” DCR 24 is an innovative milling machine that supports all CAM software and their future updates
without any change by the constructor “

Technical Features

External Dimensions (mm)
1200mm (L) x 850mm (W) x 1100mm (H) Cambio Pallet 6/12 positions

Work area (mm)
400 mm (L) x 500 mm (W) x 600 (H)- approx

Machine strokes (mm)
X 170 mm, Y 110 mm, Z 90 mm

Rotation angles
A = +30° -115°; B = 360° (continuously).

Brushless Motors
X,Y,Z axes power: A and B 400 Watt all with brakes
-Fitted with 3000 PPR 23 bit encoder
-Protection rating: IP 65
-Nominal speed: 3000 rpm

Tool change stations with tool length sensor and tool breakage detector
-22 positions
-Tool shaft diameter 6mm

Automatic tool pre-setting
– Control accuracy on tool measurement and tool breakage
-Tool length 5-57 mm
-Tool life calculation

-Power: 5 KW
-Spindle diameter: 6mm
-Automatic spindle pressurization: 1,7 bar
-Digital tool lock adjustment

Axes A and B
Equipped with double-geared zero-backlash planetary gearboxes

Touch Screen control panel 15.6” LCD

Industrial PC

Production system for 4.0
Equipped with a calculation to monitor and record the machining process of machine cycles

USB Interface

Ethernet Interface

Bidirectional automatic coolant nozzle

Metal chip container

Automatic compressed air nozzle

500 Kg- approx.

Pallet Change 6/12 positions


Electromagnetic compatibility directi­ve:
2014 / 30 / UE

Machinery directive:
2006 / 42 / CE

Low Voltage Directive:
2014 / 35 / UE

Brochure DCR 24