Metal Milling Machine


DGSHAPE introduces the latest metal milling solutions from Santa Barbara Dental.

A compact 5-Axis metal milling machine manufactured in compliance with
the highest standards in the dental market.

Simple and intuitive, it has been developed using the most innovative technologies to meet the
demands of the dental technology industry, for metal milling, complementing DGHSAPE’s highly
successful DWX series mills.
The My Evolution Fast comes with international ISO certification, and is compatible with any CAM
software available on the market. This makes it easy to start using immediately, eliminating the initial
learning curve and allowing the mill to benefit from continuous software innovations.

Fitted with the advanced technologies

  • Simultaneous 5-Axis numeric control.
  • Axis rotation:
    Axis A +24 degrees -115 degrees,
    axis B +/- 360 degrees continuously.
  • 3.6 kW high frequency spindle with
    a rotation speed of 60,000 RPM, air
    and coolant nozzle

20 tool positions with integrated control of
the tool length with 1 micron accuracy.
All the 3+2 axes are centrally controlled
continuously by motors and
brushless servo systems..
Machinable materials: Titanium, Cobalt Chrome
and Lithium disilicate.

“My Evolution Fast
is highly versatile, and capable
of meeting every demand from the
dental industry.

“My Evolution Fast is always connected
ensuring up-to-date use of the latest software versions.”

Technical specifications

My Evolution FAST

Machine’s external dimensions (mm)
750mm (I) x 850mm (P) x 1800mm (H).

Work area (mm)
350mm (W) x 350mm (D) x 480mm (H).

Machine strokes (mm)
X 163mm, Y 116mm, Z 80mm.

Rotation angles
A = +24° -115° ; B = +- 360°.

Motors and Brushless Servo systems
X,Y,Z,A axes 400W power B axis 200W power All with brake
– Fitted with Precision encoder
– Power supply 36 VDC
– Protection rating: IP65
– Nominal speed 3,000 rpm

Tool change stations with tool length sensor and tool breakage detector
– 20 positions
– Tool shaft diameter = 6 mm.

Automatic tool pre-setting
– Tool measuring precision ± 0.001 mm (1 μm)
– Tool length 50-57 mm.

– Power 3.6KW
– 6,000 to 60,000 rpm
– Tool holder clamp diameter 6mm
– Automatic spindle pressurisation 0.9 bar
– Tool lock adjustment

15″ Touch screen control panel

Axes A and B
A Axes Movement = +24°-115° B = +/- 360° (continuously)
Rotation angles with precision reducers with thousandth helicoidal toothing.

X Y Z axes
Linear axes via ball bearing guides and pads with thousandth attainability, pre-loaded
thousandth precision ball bearing rectified precision screws with 0 slack.

Incorporated Industrial PC

Santa Barbara 5-axis CNC SBM

Ethernet Interface

Compressor requirements
Oil free – Dryer
Capacity 200 l/min
Pressure 6.5 bar (0.65 MPa).

Interfaccia Ethernet

Automatic air jet

Material holder for
standard Ø 98.5 mm disks including edge.

Overall machine weight c. 300 kg
(excluding accessories).

Automatic water jet

Work Chamber Suction

<span style=”color: #2884cc;”>Automatic water jet</span>

After-sales support and warranty with helpline
managed by DGSHAPE EMEA.

Use and maintenance manual .

Standards and certificates

Directive on electromagnetic

2014 / 30 / UE

Machines directive:
2006 / 42 / CE

Low voltage directive:
2014 / 35 / UE

EMEA Official Distributor

Brochure My Evolution FAST​